Why is Michael DELL right about his plans for working from home.

Recently, when I have read about the fact that Michael DELL wants half of DELL employees to work from home I thought that there is finally a large corporation going against the current of banishing work from home. While I agree that working 100% from home only might have an negative impact on relations with your co-workers and social networking as a whole, there are many pros for working from home.

Cost saving for the employer – once some of your employees are working permanently or partially from home you can save costs for their working spaces. Here we are not speaking about marginal amounts of money – rather the opposite as you have to play less for office space, furniture, energy costs for lights and heating, building maintenance personal, security staff, parking slots …

Improved retention of employees – working from home might help to retain staff with childcare responsibilities, stress and work-life balance problems and people with disabilities … as all those might prefer to work from home compared to the traditional office style of working.

Burden saving for our environment – we all know the image in the morning’s roads – traffic jam. Even a short distance can take long minutes to cross as many of us are too lazy to walk or to take some sort of public transportation, or live too far away from their working space. Driving to the office and back home is everyday’s ritual. But when working from home, you do not have to drive and therefore your environment is saved your daily portion of vehicle emissions.

Saving travelling time – The average travel time to work in the United States is 25.4 minutes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Of course, the exact time depends on the location you are living and your office is located. Multiply the travel time by two (you need to get back from the office as well) and you’ve got the amount of time saving every day. That time can be spend on actual working or for one’s personal interests.

Work-life balance. Last but far from least, working from home might be a huge enabler to improve one’s work-life balance. Without exaggerating, work-life balance is among the most important work condition for most employees.

Making the story short, I applaud Michael DELL for his plans and his progressive thinking regarding working from home.


One Comment on “Why is Michael DELL right about his plans for working from home.”

  1. Agree with all of the above. Additionally I find that on those two days a week that our entire team is in the office together the level of collaborative work is heightened. It exists all week but seems to be heightened when the team has the ability to get face-to-face.

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