Manager’s greatest asset.

Would you guess what is manager’s greatest asset? Is it experience, skills, respect or deep understanding of respective company? I believe that the greatest asset of every manager is his / her team. It is the team that earns the good (and bad) points for the manager and it is the source of his / her greatest strength (and simultaneously weakness).

It is the team that makes most of the work. Whether a project or daily business ops, it is your team that does most of the work. Your work as a manager is not to actually “do” things, but to enable your team to do what is required.  Establishing firewall rules is the work of your network specialist, reports are created by your analysts, users are contacting your help desk. You as a manager are there to find and deploy resources for your team to help them to perform their work.

Most of the communication is done by the team. As senior manager, it is you who sits with the C-level big guys, give reports and answer their questions, but it is your Project manager who is dealing daily with communication and coordination with other departments and key users. It is your testers that spend hours with guys from business on your newest app and hear their suggestions and ideas. You as a manager are there clear pathways and forge contacts for a smooth and direct communication.

It is the team that is putting out the fires. When there is an outage of a critical system, it is again your various specialists that take care of the problem. It is your DBA who will sit all night in the office to find the primary key inconsistency or your storage specialist to check your Netapp issues with MACs. You as a manager are there to set priorities and to free s resources to be used for the fire fighting.

The biggest sum of knowledge and experience is not hidden in your knowledge base, but in the brains of your team mates. While you can write down fact and procedures, you will always need your team to execute tasks and daily work. Servers will not work all alone (granted not for long), maintenance of your apps will not be done by automatic tasks – it is again your team with the sum of its experience and  knowledge that makes things happen. You as a manager are there to enable increasing of the knowledge and to define a way how to keep and distribute it.

To make a conclusion, it is your greatest privilege as a manager to use your greatest asset for the benefit of your company. A good and motivated team can benefit the company many times better then  a mediocre or even a demotivated and low performing one … no matter how excellent or mediocre are you as the manager.


3 Comments on “Manager’s greatest asset.”

  1. Andre says:

    A managers greatest asset is the tools and people around him/her. If you are solid manager you use the resources and collaborate with the team you have. You deploy people that are smarter and have more knowledge about the subject your leading in.

  2. sleicest says:

    Perhaps the key measure of team productivity in many sectors is the innovation or design rate. Is it rising or falling? Design the technology to do what it does best and rely on the human team for projects, person to customer complex problem solving and stakeholder relationship management. Arguably whether tech or human, the cycle still goes thru forming, storming, norming and performing.

  3. […] mentioned in one of my previous articles – it the team that counts for one’s greatest assets.   In now-a-day’s fast and complex world, there are almost no tasks that could be performed […]

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